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Experience Cambridge Film Festival

Date Posted: 7th October 2016


Cambridge is primarily known for being one of the UK’s most prestigious university cities, but this fascinating city has so much more to offer.

Cambridge is not just a city for students looking to get the best of the best in higher education, it also has a rich history and a lively cultural scene that celebrates the arts. The Cambridge Film Festival for example, is the third-longest running film festival in the country and showcases the best in international, independent film.

This year the festival is taking place from the 20-27 October, with the final schedule yet to be announced. Over the 7 days, films from across the globe will be shown over two venues, the main venue, Arts Picturehouse and the outdoor viewing venue in Grantchester.

This is your chance to get to see some of the best films that have been showcased at some of the world’s biggest international film festivals, such as Cannes and the Berlin Film Festival. The Cambridge Film Festival is now on its 36th run and still manages to introduce new and upcoming filmmakers to audiences. For example, The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan made his student filmmaking debut at the Cambridge Film Festival and is now one of Hollywood’s biggest directors.

Outdoor Screenings

The Cambridge Film Trust is a charity set up in order to fund the Cambridge Film Festival and introduce the people of Cambridge to a wider variety of filmmaking talent. The festival wanted to give the public a film viewing experience like no other and sought out unusual places to hold screenings.

The outdoor screenings at Grantchester Meadows allows people to enjoy film in the open air, with the beautiful surrounding backdrop of Cambridge. The films are projected on huge inflatable screens and feature old movies that people may have never seen on the big screen.

Cambridge remains, not only one of the UK’s most picturesque cities, but strives to provide a thriving art and culture scene, for both students and the general public. This is why Storebox chose to provide self storage in Cambridge, as so many people flock to the city, not just to study, but to visit and settle down. Cambridge remains one of our most popular sites and with such a beautiful backdrop, plenty of things to do and a great student scene, it’s not hard to see why.

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