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What would you do with an extra room in your home?

Date Posted: 15th June 2016


Whether your children have flown the nest, or you want a junk free room; many of us are spoilt for choice with the dilemma of an extra room. To give you some ideas, Storebox asked 1500 people what they would do when faced with this situation.

  • 20.4% of males between 18-24 would turn their spare room into a games room.
  • 6.3% of people aged 55-64 would turn their extra room into a home cinema.
  • The most popular choice is a home office/computer room


Having a games room was the clear number one choice with the 18-24 age group, mainly due to the males who answered our survey. Whether this was a pool table or ping pong table; with 20% of the vote, it was nearly twice as popular then an office room, which was second. The females in this age group however, preferred a home office or computer room, with a walk- in wardrobe a close second.


The most popular choice for 24-35 year- olds was another bedroom. This is also the most popular age for people having children, and this is reflected in the survey. 11.1% chose this as their top choice. Owning a house is also an opportunity to make some extra income. Having an extra room available means you can allow people to rent from you, so you can put that extra money towards your mortgage.


Whilst another bedroom was nearly as popular with 35-44 year-olds, the most popular choice was a computer room or home office. These ages are arguably the most career focused, so it is no surprise our survey said creating a home office/computer room is the most important. Furthermore, with young children, some days will require you to work at home, meaning you will need your own working space.


This is an age for parents where children have started to move out or have moved to University; meaning there is now a spare room available to do with as they please. There were many varied answers in the age group, as it is a perfect age to get creative. Whilst having a guest bedroom was the most popular choice, other popular ones included a home gym, a bar, and library.


For this age bracket, the most popular choice was another bedroom. This again could be due to parents who have children that have moved away from home and started a family of their own. Having a guest bedroom means you could have your children or grandchildren over to stay if they live far away.


There were only 35 respondents in this category but surprisingly over a quarter of them said a home office. An art studio was also a popular choice for this age group. Being at an older age means you will likely be retiring or have retired and could struggle with more active hobbies, so being creative and stimulating our brain is a great way of compensating for this.

We home that these suggestions from our survey have helped you make a decision when faced with this problem.

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