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Using Self-Storage for Your Sporting and Hobby Equipment

Date Posted: 16th December 2016


Hobbies can bring plenty of fun and enjoyment to our lives, and many of us have a few things we like to take part in throughout the year. From football and skiing to sewing and knitting, even mountain biking or trampolining, to name just a few.

If you’re a keen hobby partaker, it’s likely that you will have invested in vast amounts of equipment to make the most of your activities. Chances are many of us will also take on a new hobby as part of our new year’s’ resolutions, and this is bound to add more equipment to your list. As your interests grow, how can you keep hold of it all without cluttering up your home and garden?

That’s where Storebox can lend a helping hand. Self storage units can offer a great amount of free space to securely store away your sporting and hobby equipment – particularly seasonal equipment – so you don’t have to worry about giving anything up! If you’re thinking of booking out a storage unit to keep up your hobbies and to free up some space at home, here are a few handy tips and tricks to storing them neatly and efficiently inside your storage unit.

For footballs, basketballs, rugby balls etc..

To save footballs or any other sporting balls from rolling about the floor, why not create a handy storage system that fits nicely in the corner?

Simply fix a couple of square blocks of wood together and rest it against a wall, then drill a few holes along the edges of the wood. Hook bungee cords from one wooden block to the other. This will create a simple yet effective spot in the store box to neatly pack away your balls.

Alternatively, you could create a mobile trolley to store away multiple items. This handy trolley is great to move out of the way, if you’re hoping to get to something else. It also keeps the smaller items inside the store box all in one place.

Add some pegboards to the Storebox

Pegboards come in many shapes and sizes, so you can simply pick and choose which is best for your needs. You can use these to peg up helmets, baskets for smaller items, clothing, racquets, or even yoga mats, to name a few. They’re a handy addition to your Storebox, to keep as much floor space free as possible for larger sporting equipment.

Save money and repurpose some items

Whether it’s an old washing basket, a wooden pallet you no longer need, or some shelves that are going spare, use what you can to store away your equipment neatly.

Golf clubs, paddles, or hockey and lacrosse sticks will fit nicely in an old wooden pallet, whereas shelves will hold any footwear that you don’t fancy trampling through the home.

Make room for the larger items

Simple hacks and additions to your Storebox can free up plenty of space to allow for larger sporting equipment, including bikes, football goalposts, tennis nets or even trampolines. Start with getting the smaller items in around the edges of the storage unit, followed by wheeling in the rest at the end. That way, you have a nicely organised unit that’s easy to navigate around, depending on what hobby takes your fancy on any given day.

Start the new year right, with a Storebox to stow away all of your precious equipment. We have store boxes in eight different locations throughout England, including our newest location, Croydon!

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