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Storing Your Valuable Memorabilia

Date Posted: 14th July 2016


Pop culture memorabilia is one of the most frequently collected and can potentially be worth thousands of pounds if the right items are kept in good condition.
That’s why it is so important to keep your valuable collections in the perfect conditions.

Manchester Comic Con will be taking place at Manchester Central on the 30-31 July and you might be getting prepared to get your hands on some limited edition collectables. If you want to give your collection the best start in life and keep the value climbing, here are a few things you should do and a few that you should avoid to keep it in perfect order.

Keep out of direct sunlight

It’s all well and good wanting to display your collection for all to see, but sunlight can be very damaging. If you collect items such as books, comics or figurines, then direct sunlight can fade the colours of the item. If you do choose to display your items, make sure they are not right next to a window or in any area of the room that gets a lot of sun throughout the day.  

Store somewhere dry and non-humid

Water damage can be the biggest detriment to collectables. Once something is damaged by water, there is very little to be done. Make sure wherever you are keeping your collection is away from any water sources (so a kitchen or bathroom would be unwise), also take into consideration how humid the area is. Choosing places like climate controlled storage boxes is always a great option.  

Keep the items in bags and boxes

We’ve all seen those people on shows like Antiques Roadshow, where the person has kept their item in pristine condition by keeping it in a sealed box or bag. Even if you’re not too bothered about keeping your collectables in their original packaging, it’s always a good idea, as it will usually increase the value in the long run.

Take care when transporting

If you have to move your collection to a different location, make sure they are well packed and secured to prevent any damage. It’s surprisingly easy for items to get damaged in transit, even if it is just a chip, a scratch or a tiny dent. Every mark or imperfection could knock 10’s if not 100’s of pounds off the value.

The easiest and safest way to make sure that your valuable collection is safe and secure is to keep it somewhere like a storage container, ideally with climate control and a secure entry system. Storebox provides storage solutions for a huge range of different personal and business items, so you are sure to find a solution to suit the needs of your valuables.

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