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Storebox in Manchester – part of the Northern Powerhouse

Date Posted: 25th February 2016

The North is cool. It’s where it’s at these days. London is so 2015.

2016 is the year that the Northern Powerhouse takes control.

Welcome to Manchester

The Northern Powerhouse is the collective force of the 15 million residents of cities up the top end of the M1 which is hoped to rival that of London and rebalance the north/south divide that the country faces at the moment.

The North has strong industries in digital services, manufacturing, technology, financial services and the science sector as well as the service industry. Cities including Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester have booming economies and are expected to do even better with a number of continued and upcoming regeneration projects.

Manchester’s Trafford Park is one success story from the Northern Powerhouse. The area’s decline before the 1980s was called “spectacular and disastrous” by Member of Parliament for Stretford, Tony Lloyd.

However, The Trafford Park Development Corporation was formed in 1987 and has managed to revive the fortunes of the area. Billions of pounds of investment were procured by the corporation, with 35,000 jobs generated.

Businesses that are looking to be part of the Northern Powerhouse need to find ways to grow. Here at Storebox, we’re doing our part by offering storage solutions to businesses in Manchester who are looking for ways to power themselves up.

Whether you are looking to start up a business in the ‘Capital of the North’ and need a place to store your products, or if you are an existing business who needs a little extra room, we have a space for you. Get in touch with Storebox today to see how you can be part of the Northern Powerhouse.

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