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Prepare for Baby with a Tidy-up

Date Posted: 11th November 2015

New baby storage

Babies require a lot of stuff and it can get quite overwhelming when it starts to arrive at your house. As the nesting instinct kicks in, mums and dads to be will find they have to downsize on their household stuff to make room for the nursery. What was a spare room full of things that you weren’t sure where to put soon needs to be cleared out to make way for a cot, pushchair and other baby items. Then when baby comes, it’s all hands to the panic stations.

First steps – clear the nursery. You can make space by putting any bulky items which aren’t used regularly into self-storage. Then comes the fun part – the decorating! You can perhaps use one wall as a mural, or use stick-on decorations to make the space welcoming.

One of the problems is that most people have accumulated too much stuff. Even when thinned out, there can still be a large amount that can’t be accommodated for, even by moving furniture around in other rooms.

Then once baby comes, they will quickly start to grow out of newborn clothes and as they grow and change there will be a lot of items that they grow out of that you may want to keep for the next one such as baby baths, high chairs, prams and more. It can be a hassle trying to find a place to store these items so that they aren’t taking over your house.

Self-storage can help you with items that you don’t have the space for once baby comes, and can also be used to store equipment that baby has grown out of as their needs change.

No matter what your reason for needing self-storage, Storebox has a storage solution for you.

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