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Pokemon Go – Gotta Catch ‘em All – but how would you store them?

Date Posted: 18th July 2016

With the release of Pokemon Go causing quite a stir on the streets of many cities both in the UK and around the world, it got the StoreBox office thinking about just how practical it would be to actually ‘catch ‘em all’ and store them.

We looked at the recorded heights and weights of every single Pokemon character, and worked out exactly how much space each one would take up (who knew that you could  squeeze 300 Pikachu’s in a phone box!)  

Keeping your precious Pokemon out of harm’s way

Imagine if you actually caught every single Pokemon (and we’re not just talking about the original 151) you’d need both one of our large storage units AND one of our medium storage units to keep your Snorlax and Squirtle safe from harm.

Pokemon Go Where Would you Store them?


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