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Musicians using Secure Storage in East London

Date Posted: 1st December 2015

When it comes to music, London is the best place to be to get your band heard. While the internet has managed to break down some barriers when it comes to entering the music business, there’s nothing quite as effective as going out there, playing your stuff and attracting an audience who then go online and share it with their friends. Hey, it worked for the Arctic Monkeys. There are so many platforms around to get your sounds heard on and shared, from social media such as Twitter and Facebook, to music and sound-specific sites such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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Combining online and offline music activities is the best way to reach your audience and achieve that big breakthrough. By sheer force of will, determination, talent and lots and lots of rehearsing, it might just be that you and your band can make it big.

However, most musicians don’t have the space to store all of their equipment, particularly large bass cabs, amps and other bulky items. This can be solved simply with storage from Storebox.

Storebox provides 24 hour access to our storage facilities in east London, meaning that even when you’re gigging late, you can still get your stuff packed away safely before turning in for the night, or going on to an afterparty.

Storage from Storebox is the cheapest around, helping to keep the money that you earn in your pocket. Space is flexible, so if you suddenly acquire a cellist or a synth player for a few gigs, you can accommodate them as needed.

All of Storebox’s spaces are secure, clean and watertight so you can be sure that all of your precious equipment is safe at all times.

Now all you need is a drummer. There’s never enough drummers around.

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