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Date Posted: 6th June 2016


Are you sick of the hustle and bustle of a commercial gym after work? A gym that is absolutely packed and the equipment already occupied. Or are you tired of paying constantly rising fees to share facilities you can’t even access?

Gymnasiums are designed for the masses, and most of you will agree that your gym gives you that added comfort. TVs, steam rooms and Jacuzzis are great, but do they help you train effectively and efficiently?

The Solution:

Having your own private gym would be great, but perhaps your garage is already swamped with household items or your partner disapproves.

Self- storage boxes can give you a more private, personal space

The possibilities for self-storage boxes are endless. They’re cheap, convenient, and you can choose as much space as you like. No wonder more and more people are using it for more than just junk. With the Elite Sports Performance Expo at the Excel taking place on the 15th June, let’s talk about using your storage box for storing your gym equipment and training needs.

The truth is some people are better suited to training alone, but to have an effective workout, you need to create a space and time period that’s free from disruption and distraction.

If for whatever reason you cannot train at your home, or in your garage, you can simply just move all your equipment to a self-storage box, creating a more focused gym experience. If you already have gym equipment at home, then that’s great, and if you don’t, then no need to worry. Buying some decent equipment shouldn’t cost more than half a year of a gym membership.

When building your own gym, many people squander money on equipment they don’t need. Look on places like EBay or Gumtree for discounted equipment, or even just build your own. Don’t waste money on things like medicine balls, just find an old basketball or football, cut it open, fill it with sand and patch it up. Simple.

It can be fun to have a personal project and watch it evolve, so why not tailor your new mini gym to your own personality? Use your own music and inspirational cues like posters so the next time you walk in; you will be primed and ready to go.

However, it is important to remember that because you are training alone, you won’t have anyone monitoring your techniques or to warn you if you are putting yourself in danger. It might be worth investing in one or two sessions with a good trainer to show you how it’s done. Then you are good to go!

The Elite Sports Performance Expo in London will be taking place between 15-16th June. To claim your free tickets, click here.

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