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Fall In Love With Storage Solutions

    At Storebox, we provide 3 different sized units and flexible contract times, because we know everyone has different needs and requirements. There are hundreds of reasons why you may need to start renting a storage unit and when you’re faced with a mountain of items and belongings, a self-storage unit can be your saving grace. Don’t continue to step over the clutter in your hallways or offices, collect up all the items you simply have no room for and find out ... Read more

Self-Storage Solutions: How Safe Are They and How Can You Keep Your Items Protected

Self-storage solutions can help you create extra space in your home or in the workplace, offering you a place to store your treasured possessions. We know you want to be able to rest easy knowing that even though your belongings are not stored under your own roof, they are safe and secure in a Storebox storage unit. Storebox offer the safest and best value self-storage solutions in the UK, meaning that you can relax knowing your belongings are locked up tightly whilst ... Read more

6 Tips To Master Short Term Storage

  Short term storage offers a space saving way to temporarily make room in your home, or provides an extra space to store your belongings during a big move. Usually items will be stored for between 14 days and 3 months, but a self-storage unit can be rented long term and items can be moved in and out freely, whenever they are needed. Preparing for short term storage has distinct differences than preparing for long term storage. With long term storage, your ... Read more

Dropbox vs Storebox: Comparing Digital and Physical Storage

  Since the digital revolution kicked off, and we started to store all our photos, music and films as digital downloads, we have seen an increase in file hosting services. These services, like Dropbox and Google Drive, allow you to store thousands of data files all in one place, but does this focus on digital mean that we should forget about their physical counterparts? There are pros and cons of both physical and digital storage, but there are arguments as to whether having ... Read more

Self Storage for Hire in Sheffield – StoreBox Self Storage – Now Open!

Self Storage for Hire in Sheffield - StoreBox Self Storage - Now Open! Receive your 1st 4 weeks for just £1!* Storebox is proud to announce the opening of a revolutionary new self storage facility in Sheffield. Located just off the Sheffield Parkway (236 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ) the location is convenient for self storage near Sheffield city centre. Storebox is different. We know that within each storage unit sits fractions of a person that have been collected over many years. The ... Read more

How to use self-storage to get your business ready for 2017

Get ready for 2017 with business storage! The new year doesn’t just have to be a time for personal resolutions, you can also set goals and challenges for your business to boost business growth in 2017. A new year gives your business a blank page to start a fresh, why not use it to clean out the office, make a big move or a quick rearrange of departments. For retail businesses, it can also be the perfect opportunity to clear out all ... Read more

4 Reasons You Should Use Self-Storage Solutions as a Tradesman

        Tradesmen Self Storage As a tradesman you will often have a large set of equipment you need to take with you on every job. Most tradesman will use their vans as business storage, they feel like the safety of their vehicle is all they need to keep their equipment from theft. However, much like the warning of not leaving valuables in your car when you are away, the same can be said about your work van. Business storage is just as important ... Read more

How Storebox Can Help You Save For A Mortgage

How To Save For Your First Home Christmas is just around the corner and consequently we usually feel compelled to ‘make a change’ or big decisions as the new year rolls in. Whether that be getting more exercise, thinking positive thoughts or managing our finances better in 2017. In the same vain, we think about new beginnings in line with the new year; that includes a new home. Now, like most of us, you go through a stage of renting before settling down ... Read more

Using Self-Storage for Your Sporting and Hobby Equipment

Hobbies can bring plenty of fun and enjoyment to our lives, and many of us have a few things we like to take part in throughout the year. From football and skiing to sewing and knitting, even mountain biking or trampolining, to name just a few. If you’re a keen hobby partaker, it’s likely that you will have invested in vast amounts of equipment to make the most of your activities. Chances are many of us will also take on a new ... Read more

Could You Run a Startup Business from a Storebox?

Storebox offer a range of different types of storage for various needs. Whether you need a bit of extra space for your personal belongings, or if you’re looking for safe and secure business storage, Storebox are here to provide you with high quality self-storage solutions. Business storage is one of our most popular uses. We often get SMEs using our storage units to help them launch their businesses. From storing excess stock to filing away space consuming documents. So how could ... Read more
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5ft (1.52m) x 8ft (2,4m) = 40 sq. ft. (3.72 m2)

What’s Suitable?

Contents of a small garden shed
Contents of a spare room
Transit van load

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only. Exact dimensions may vary. Please contact us for details.



8ft (2.45m) x 10ft (3.05m) = 80 sq. ft (7.4m2)

What’s Suitable?

Contents of an average one bedroom house
Three Transit van loads

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only. Exact dimensions may vary. Please contact us for details.



8ft (2.45m) x 20ft (6.1m) = 160 sq ft (14.8m2)

What’s Suitable?

Contents of a four bedroom house
Six Transit van loads

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only. Exact dimensions may vary. Please contact us for details.